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There are too many problems with the world today...

2011-03-16 20:53:43 by Burningneolight00

The world is full of problems today starting with Iraq to Japan we need to be united in this time of crisis Americans are suffering from job loss and have no intention of seeking goverment aid because of there pride but its up to Americans to help American's we can only help so much in foreign countries/ No I am not saying we should forget others and only take care of are selves I'm just saying we can only do so much as a nation we should support things but not to the extent of sacrifice those who matter most to us.If your confused I'll make it simple for you stop depending on others and if you want to help someone do it without regrets what happens, happens.Stop crying over the actions you take and deal with it.No I do not hate that America is helping others I just wish for people to stop crying so much it gives me a headache listening to cry babies.


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